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Payday Loans

Smaller loan amounts with shorter terms that is due next time you receive a paycheck

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What are Payday Loans?

Often referred to as Payday Loans or Cash Advances, these are smaller loans (Typically under $500) that are paid back over a short period (typically eight weeks or less) and are debited from your account on payday along with a finance charge. This loan can be used to cover small unforeseen expenses that come up before you receive your paycheck.

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Important Details

• Loan Amounts up to $500

• Higher APR

• Finance charge included

•No early repayment penalty

•Repay on your Payday

Before applying for a Payday Loan:

Have You:

• Read our Rates & Terms?

• Ensured a Payday Loan is right for you?

• Read through resources to help save money?

Do You:

• Have valid identification, phone, and Social Security Number?

• Have a steady income or benefits?